Outdoor living is wonderful most of the time, but sometimes it is overrated, mosquitos biting your legs, sunburns, humidity. A sunroom can make you feel like your outdoors, but it is in a climate-controlled environment. If you are not sold on sunroom construction, consider the three main reasons other people have chosen to install them on their property.

1. Add Resale Value

The primary reason for building a sunroom is that it adds interior living space. While sunrooms in the past were not the best options for people looking to add additional square footage, today’s designs are more in line with indoor living, meaning that you can increase your home’s square footage by 100 or more square feet, depending on the size of the sunroom.

2. Creates a Flexible 

Because of the changes in sunroom construction, these spaces create flexible living areas. You can use it as a dining room, bedroom, living room, or a chill out room. The sunroom now offers all of the benefits and advantages of a single room addition, only with more windows.

3. Useful for 3 To 4 Seasons

If you are only interested in a sunroom as a daily retreat during the spring, summer, and fall, consider a three-season room. These rooms are not as versatile as four-season rooms and cannot be used in colder climates. A four-season room is more like adding extra square footage because the rooms are well-insulated and often have their own heating and cooling sources. Therefore, if you want to add the most value to your home, choose a four-season sunroom, but if you want to save a few bucks, select the three-season option instead.

Sunroom construction adds significant value and versatility to your home. If you are thinking about building a sunroom, check out a local showroom to see all of the options available to you and your family.