Which Home Extension Is Right For You?

There are many homeowners who want their space to look and feel different, but they’re not too keen on the idea of moving again. Home extensions are a great solution to the issue. With an extension, you can add space, create a new space and achieve your dreams without having to pack, clean, move or unpack. Which home extension is right for your home?

Extending the Home Upward

There are a few reasons a homeowner might choose to extend the home upward. First, wide open spaces are very popular right now and the homeowner could want taller ceilings to cultivate that feeling. Second, the homeowner might want to add a room on top of what is already there. Perhaps there is no second level, and an entire second level is desired. Perhaps there is a second level, but there’s no room over the garage, and that’s what is desired. There are a lot of options for upward home extensions, and that might be the best for you.

Extending the Home Outward

One of the more popular home additions is extending the home outward. This gives you more square footage and is a less expensive option than extending upward. An outward extension could be for the purpose of adding more bedrooms, making a great room larger, giving the kitchen and dining room more space, or adding an office or game room.

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important you keep in mind that home additions will alter the way your home functions indoors, but it will also change the way it looks outdoors. It’s essential you have a professional handle a home extension so the seam will be flawless and it will look as though your home was built that way in the first place.

It’s also important to keep in mind your home needs a great foundation, whether you’re building upward or outward. For upward home extensions, the original structure should be sound and strong. Your contractor should have someone inspect your original home before any work takes place, which is another reason to leave the job to the professionals.