There are many options for sprucing up your lawn. For instance, you can add a concrete walkway. It’s both practical and attractive. There are a variety of ways you can implement this design feature into your overall home design. When considering these beautiful pathways, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the style options before hiring a professional landscaping company.

A decorative border gives the walkway a special touch. It can be stained or stamped. Borders are usually made with wood, slate, flagstone or stone. This option gives the pathway a one of a kind look.

Stamped concrete is a detail that makes the typical concrete slab look like pavers or natural stone. It can be stained to fit the color pallet of your home. This feature creates a seamless texture that pulls together all the design elements.

A colored concrete walkway gives you a variety of endless looks.It can be dyed or stained to any color. This way you can choose a pallet that work best with the design of your landscape and home. You no longer have to stick with dull gray.

The straight design is traditional and guides friends, family or visitors directly to your front door. The look is offers clean lines, a formal feel and a shape that works well for any style of home.

The shape of the walkway gives your outdoor space a fresh spin. Although straight paths are common, you can switch thingsup with a curved path. It provides an organic, informal entry to your home. It’s also ideal if you have an extravagantlandscape. The curved option allows visitors to get stunning views of your amazing lawn.

With so many textures, colors and designs available you can cast aside that boring gray color. Whatever look you desire for your concrete walkway, licensed contractors can help turn your vision into a reality.