How to Enhance Your Curb Appeal With a Stunning Flagstone Walkway

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Whether you’re looking to increase home value or you’re simply ready to enjoy a change of scenery, enhancing your front yard space is a great start to making improvements. After all, having excellent curb appeal is satisfying for not only you, the homeowner, but for everyone in the neighborhood. If you’re looking to define a walkway in your front yard, consider using flagstone for its variety of style options and its timeless quality.


Create a Free-Form or Geometric Design

The beauty of flagstone lies in its ability to look natural but refined all at the same time. Its flat surface makes it particularly suitable for pathways or patios so people can easily walk across. Meanwhile, the irregular edges of the stones create a great opportunity for matching them in a pattern, easily formed into geometric designs that are both stylish and functional.


Make it Look Formal or Rustic

Various patterns can be formed by using flagstone for your new walkway, as it has the potential to look both formal or rustic depending on its arrangement on the ground. Structured more closely together, the stones can appear tightly knit and interwoven. If stream-lined, smooth stones are left for the outer edges, the walkway can come across as very clean-cut and sophisticated.


However, those who are looking for a more natural, authentic style only need to space the flagstones more freely. This method can create a genuine effect, as though the stone happened to belong there from the start. This also gives grass, moss or other landscape features a chance to grow between the stones, creating a storybook setting that’s all too magical.


Whether you’re hoping for a clean, straight-edged design or a natural, free-flowing arrangement, a walkway made of flagstone can add significant curb appeal to your home. Landscaping and other improvements can certainly increase your home’s exterior, but a truly defined path to your front door is openly inviting to all your friends and family.