Slate Roofing 101

If you’re looking to repair or replace your roof, you know that one of the most important considerations is what materials you’ll be using. Despite its often hefty price tag, slate roofing is a durable and attractive option for your home.


Why Choose Slate?


Compared to cheaper roofing materials, slate has a lifespan that is several times longer, especially if properly cared for. Its longevity can potentially add significant value to your home, and it’s aesthetically pleasing as well. If you already have a slate roof, you are far better off to repair the existing slate than replace it entirely, even if it seems more costly.

Consider the Cost


If you’re replacing your roof entirely, keep in mind that slate is typically the most expensive choice, but this is for good reason. Slate lasts decades when cared for properly. Keep in mind, however, that if you do find yourself needing repairs in the future, it may also be more costly, as slate roofs require experienced contractors to repair to prevent additional damage from occurring in the process. Slate is durable but brittle, so fallen branches, trees, and even heavy footsteps can damage the tiles. When in doubt, talk to your roofing contractor to determine if slate roofing is the right choice for your home and your budget.


Consider the Reward


If you think you can swing the cost, a slate roof can be very rewarding in the long run. Houses with slate roofs are very attractive to potential buyers because of their longevity. Slate is far less likely to require significant repair or total replacement in the near or even distant future compared to other potential roofing materials.


If you don’t think slate is a possibility right now, consider saving up to do it in the future if your roofing needs aren’t immediate, or talk to your contractor or roofing professional about possible alternatives like metal or asphalt.


Slate roofing, if properly maintained, can last a homeowner multiple lifetimes and add value to your home. Consult your contractor to determine what roofing material is right for your home.