What to Think About After a Consultation to Get New Home Additions


Before hiring anyone to install home additions, you need to have consultations first. It is recommended to meet with a few contractors in your area. You can look up reviews online, but nothing tells you more about the quality of a company like actually speaking with someone face-to-face. You may feel good after this meeting, but there are a few items to reflect back on to determine who should earn your business.


First, you want to determine if the contractor actually seemed to listen to you. When you brought up a concern, did the contractor genuinely seem interested in assuaging those fears? Most homeowners go into these consultations with ideas they have about their new additions. A contractor should be dedicated to making your vision a reality. It is natural for a contractor to bring up practical aspects about your plans. However, some contractors will simply tell you what they think is best, disregarding every idea you personally have.


You also want to talk about your budget during the consultation. Home additions, in particular, can be pricey, and you do not want to spend more than you have saved away. You should already have an idea of what your budget is before going into the meeting. If the contractor’s proposal is higher than what you have saved, then you need to bring it up to the contractor. Perhaps the two of you can develop a plan to get the additions you want without breaking the bank.


Finally, you want to think about how the contractor made you feel. New additions can take weeks to finish, so you will be working with this person for a while. You need to think if this is a person you can work with for that time period, or if he seemed too abrasive. When you try to decide between two contractors for home additions, sometimes your gut will tell you what to do.