A Guide To Choosing Vinyl Siding


Building a house requires a homeowner to make a lot of decisions. Many times, these decisions are impacted by cost, durability and overall aesthetics. Each decision could potentially change the curb appeal of a home, and vinyl siding is certainly one of those impacting factors. There are several options available from siding manufacturers that allow homeowners to decide on color, material, thickness and longevity. Working with a professional manufacturing company or contractor to source siding can reduce the potential for concerns down the road.

The Options in Siding

Even if you choose to work with one specific company, you will find many variations among their different siding options. One important consideration is the thickness of the panel. Overall, vinyl is an extremely durable material and has strong weather-resistant properties. Siding should be thin enough to be flexible, but pieces cut too thin could lead to the signs of the underlying wall puncturing through the material. Even though siding is designed to withstand the constant onslaught of the elements, weather can put excessive wear and tear on a thinly cut vinyl.

When sourcing the vinyl, don’t focus on saving a few dollars and choosing a thinner product. The difference in the cost for an upgraded material is worth the investment, as having to deal with repairs or replacement issues prematurely will be an additional and unplanned expense. A decision to upgrade the thickness by even one-tenth of an inch could have an impact on durability.

The Price of Quality

If you ever need to replace your vinyl siding, choosing a small company with limited selection could lead to problems with sourcing a replacement piece. The same color and thickness may not be available years down the road and trying to color match could be a headache. Quality purchases should come from a trusted company that carries ready-available designs and colors.

Work with a professional vinyl siding company or contractor when choosing the exterior covering for your home. Quality is found in color, thickness and availability.