Four Rooms to Remodel to Sell Your Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your house immediately or simply trying to improve its value for later resale, some home renovations will make more sense than others. There are of course many variables to take into account when performing a remodel, including budgetary constraints, working within time frames, and finding a trusted general contractor, but none of these should prevent you from doing the necessary room renovations to raise your home’s selling value. 

Not all home renovations are created equal. The following four room remodels are the most likely to increase your home’s appeal to buyers:


While not technically a “room,” curb appeal can make a huge difference in a home buyer’s decision, and the cost effectiveness of these renovations should appeal to any home seller. A deck addition, window replacement, or even a fresh coat of paint can have a very favorable return on investment.


Many potential buyers will look at an unfinished basement and see more work for themselves down the line. A finished basement adds more livable area to your home’s square footage without the need to build any additions, and this can be extremely appealing to buyers who aren’t looking to do any renovations themselves.


One of the most popular room remodels to increase selling value is a bathroom upgrade, due partly to its small size. Consider replacing outdated fixtures to modernize the room, re-grouting tile for a cleaner look, and updating cabinets or mirrors to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. 


Many experts suggest that if a homeowner only has enough money to complete one major home renovation before selling, the kitchen is the room to remodel. Kitchens can be slightly more costly to renovate, from upgrading cabinet doors and hardware to installing brand new appliances, but the return on investment can be equally high.

Improve your home’s sale value by hiring a reliable general contractor to ensure quality work, and let your house sell itself with targeted room remodels.