Give Your Old Home a Face Lift While Still Preserving its Historical Integrity

Owning an older home is tough, as most older homes require a lot of work to make them “livable” by modern standards. If you own an older home, you understand this better than most. However, you also understand that your home has character, and that any renovations you make to it risks compromising that character. If you want to preserve the historic integrity of your home while still making it more comfortable to live in, keep these historic renovations tips in mind:

Embrace the Quirks

Wallpaper. Wall sconces. Chair railing. Old hardwood floors. Historic homes packed with design elements of the time the home was built, and while some of those design elements may be less than ideal looking, if you want to preserve the character of your home, embrace them. Of course, you don’t want to embrace the dangerous quirks, like that outdated electrical, but things like chair railing and wallpaper are easy to incorporate into your design scheme, and can really make your home feel like a refreshing piece of history. 

Hire the Right Team 

There are people out there who specialize strictly in historic renovations. Find them. These people understand what makes a home so classic in the first place, yet they also understand what modern comforts most homeowners want. They can seamlessly incorporate modern elements such as heated floors and an HVAC system without compromising your home’s historical integrity. 

Make Your Fixtures Match the Home

Most people think about matching their fixtures to their furniture, but in your case, you should consider matching your fixtures and furniture to your home—or, more accurately, your home’s time period. Consider golds and coppers instead of silver, and furniture with a Victorian feel. 

If you want to give your historic home a makeover, you need to do so carefully. To preserve the integrity of your home, embrace the quirks, hire a team that specializes in historic renovations and match your fixtures and furniture to your home.